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Web based home automation controller

Self motivated project to create a bunch of retro-istic controls which then grew into this. If I were to buy an expensive home-automation app, I think I would want it to look less out of the box than most available options. I started to build out the html5/css3 skin to be used, but with too many ongoing projects this has lost some steam. I will return, finish this, then hand it off to an automation guru.

In Development
See developmental build as of 11/10/12

Web based home automation controller Web based home automation controller Web based home automation controller

about me

First of all, thank you for visiting! My name is Justin Wagner and Lifefroots is my portfolio. Why 'lifefroots' you may ask? Well the bottom line is justinwagner.com was taken. From there I thought it was a play on either the 'fruits of my life' and/or 'my life roots'. I thought this might linger in someone's mind longer than the other options I had. It was fine for the time being and it just stuck over the years. Getting that out of the way, my passion for web and UI design is most likely the reason you are here. If so, that's great, because it's a large part of who I am.

Besides my passion for good design and clean code, some other things influence me(in some form or another) are my of interests/addictions in art, cheese, coffee, bmx, whiskey, wine, roadbikes, my cats, my cats' wardrobe, music, sushi, technology (part-fanboy), history, vintage motorcycles, and zombies.

A few little disclaimer notes: I really hate IE. It is no good. Really. Really, really no good. Also, I always say that a big part of design is subjective, someone might see something as being totally cool and you might see it as terrible. That being said, I hope you found at least something interesting here (if not that's ok. It happens sometimes. I can deal with it, and apologize in wasting your time). If you think of yourself as the be-all-end-all of design, as a favor to me please close this page, I don't have the bandwidth to support your ego.

Nerds stuff here: This site was designed on a using and built with utilizing javascript css3, and .

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For some reason or another you have made it here, and I'm glad that you have. Feel free to send me any questions, comments, concerns, or job inquiries. I look forward to hearing from you.

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