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Toll Brothers Website

Re-design of an existing release of Toll Brothers's main corporate site. I have been a sole designer on the last four releases of this corporate site. From my tenure at Toll Brothers, I have been both lead designer and lead front-end developer on the web side, but have decided to focus on and pursue the creative and user experience side of Toll Brothers' collateral. The goal of this re-design was to bring a luxury experience to an already existing codebase. This responsive site has also absorbed a once standalone mobile site and includes a streamlined AMP version for a useful Google/mobile experience.

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Toll Brothers WebsiteToll Brothers WebsiteToll Brothers Website

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I’m Justin and Lifefroots is my portfolio.

"Why 'lifefroots'?" Well...justinwagner.com was taken. It was an attempt to play on either the 'fruits of my life' or 'my life roots'. I thought it might linger in mind longer than any other thought I had at the time. It was fine for the time being and it just stuck over the years.

It all started with video...I spent my childhood filming and editing BMX videos of my friends and I. That led me to my degrees in video and photographic studies. From there, I fell into working on the web. I am a collector and a completest at heart, so I decided that I needed to learn how to code. I learned HTML,CSS,JS,PHP and worked as a lead front-end dev for a few years. Again as a completist, I moved from web, to interface, then to a focus on the experience. I'm currently working as the ACD of Video and UX at Toll Brothers leading all interactive, digital, and video content.

Aside from design, I also love bicycles, tech (part fanboy/part audiophile), history, junk, and anything vintage.

Thanks for the time, and I hope you found something interesting here. If so, want to create something special together?

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You've made it here! Feel free to send any questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

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